Handy Help Service

Need a hand

Do you need a hand to sort, pack and clear your Klutter.

Just some help

Stuck doing it all alone. Need an extra pair off hands.

Affordable Service

For £85 a FULL DAYS LABOUR. From 9am till 5pm you can have all the help you need with the sorting, packing, moving, Mowing, Cleaning etc.

Our Helping Hands

Need to clear a property yourself but need help. We can help you so you don't do it on your own. You get a full day of labour from one of our trusted team to help go through all that you need to do. Feel Free to contact Klutter King to discuss this service.

Address 8 Beech Road, Maidstone, Kent ME18 5QX

Telephone Number 01622 815490 / 07740 549864